Grand Canyon, South Rim – Arizona

November 2-5, 2020

I now know why they call it the GRAND canyon. Grand it is indeed! As we caught our first glimpse of the canyon, I actually heard an audible gasp from all of us at the sheer beauty and massiveness of it. The day we arrived we did a short drive into the park to get our bearings and take in the view. The next day we hiked the South Kaibab trail part of the way down into the canyon and then back up out of the canyon. Our last full day, we took the shuttle and stopped at many viewpoints such as Maricopa Point, Powell Point, Hopi Point and The Abyss. We ended our day at Lipan Point to watch the sun set behind the canyon. Most everywhere we went we saw elk. They are completely used to people and some just hang around at the trailhead in the shade.

There is still so much to do here but there just wasn’t enough time. Then of course there is also still the north rim to explore. We will be back one day for more.

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