Olympic National Park, WA

October 8-12, 2020

We decided to stay in this area for a bit longer to catch up with school work, conference calls and work. So we stayed in a VRBO – 3 bedroom condo in Port Angeles, WA. This was the first time since we left home that we all had our own rooms. It was great to have some private space for a change and not be on top of one another. Day 1 we did a short hike on the Marymere Falls Trail. Beautiful little trail through the lush greenery that ends at smaller but pretty waterfall. Day 2 we attempted to hike Hurricane Hill Trail. When we left Port Angeles for the 20 mile drive to the trailhead it was sunny. As we gained elevation, it began to rain. When we reached the park entrance the ranger told us it was snowing up there. We trekked ahead to see what we would encounter. When we reached the trailhead it was snowing but we bundled up and started the hike. Well they don’t call it hurricane hill for no reason. After about a mile we decided to bail. It was windy, very cold and foggy. Not much of a view from there so we called it a day. Oh, I almost forgot. Avery got licked by a deer. A baby and momma crossed the road in front of us. We stopped, rolled the window down and the baby walked right over. Avery stuck her hand out and yep he licked away (see photo). Day 3 we woke up to more raining. This did not stop us this time because we were headed to the Hoh River Trail which is a rainforest. We hiked this wet, fern lined, very green trail and added on the Hall of Moss trail. We got wet but the scenery was beautiful. For those of you who are Twilight Saga fans, we drove right through the town of Forks. We stopped here for lunch on the way back. There are still remnants from the movie. Bella’s truck sits outside a museum and the restaurant where we ate had photos of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart. I looked but I saw no vampires or wolves.

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